About a half-year ago I had purchased a budget keyboard for work and personal use off of Amazon (an Epomaker RT100 for about $100); My 75% keyboard is great for personal use and light travel where I need a keyboard, but not so great for work-at-home because it really annoys me not having a numpad to use. The keyboard was great, up until the point where it wasn’t and the entire QWERTY row just died. Unfortunately, I was way outside of the return period so I took it as an opportunity and a sign to just upgrade to something that is a little bit better.

Brand: Keychron Q6 Pro
Switches: Gateron Pro Yellow
Keycaps: Pink Milk & Honey XDA profile PBT keycaps
Mods: 2x tempest tape mod, force break mod, poron case foam.

Technically, 88.88% Gateron Pro Yellows with exactly 8 Keychron banana switches because the RT100, the board I pulled the switches from, is a 96% and not full-size. At some point in the near future I will get new linear swit ches whenever it is that I figure out which ones I want.

The force break and tape mods get got rid of the metallic ping from the aluminum case.