Hello. I had purchased this domain back in May of 2014 because I thought it was funny and it seemed like a fine thing to have at the time. It was also only about $10 or something so it was either: impulse buy a domain or get a burrito. Why not domain? The name, “Cheeseism” has literally no meaning to me other than being a placeholder name that I use for things (think ‘foobar’). For lack of anything better to do with it, this site is now a personal blog for travel photos, personal projects, and whatever.

I have a broad set of interests, some of which are published here. I have a gaming blog that I used to post to fairly often, but honestly, I sit at a computer so much nowadays that I kind of just want to do something else after work other than sit in front of a computer. You know what I mean? We also have a cat two cats.

The Cats

This is Harvey, aka Big Cat aka Mr. Good Boy. He likes being taken for a walk outside, fresh scoops of his kibble, and ice cubes. He is an enormous orange fluffy cat (Maine Coon) and is the reason why everything is perpetually covered in cat fur.

This is Luna, aka Little Cat, aka Lulu. She likes following the big cat around the house, chasing toys, huffing dirty sneakers, and a warm spot in the sun. She absolutely lives for her wet food and is a master at hiding in plain sight.