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How to: Add a Suica card to your Apple Wallet

Here is how to add an unregistered Suica card to your iPhone. Keep in mind that only iPhones 8 and newer have the chip that allow you to use your phone. I think Japanese iPhone 7’s have it as well. Mind you that this post is an imperfect guide. I don’t read Japanese fluently.

We found that using the NFC chip on our phones to be way more convenient than carrying around a physical metro card. It’s one less thing to have to worry about losing and it’s way easier to recharge it using Apple Pay (vs feeding yen into a machine).

There’s an English app that allows you to add a card without the need to change your phone’s region to Japan, but it doesn’t allow you to view the full virtual card number on your phone. It’s not really that big of a deal for normal metro use but if you need to register your card for any reason, the full number will be required to my understanding.Set your phone’s region to Japan.

1. Set your phone’s region to Japan

2. Download the Suica App and hit the plus sign in the top right corner.

3. Swipe to the third option (Suica Unregistered) and tap the green bar at the bottom

4. Hit the next at the top right

5. Accept the agreement.

6. Tap the green text on the right to choose the amount of cash to add.

7. Choose the amount of money to add. Yen transfer rate is roughly ¥100 per each $1. So ¥1,000 = around $10

8. Tap the Apple Pay button

9. Choose a device to add your card to.

10. Tap next

11. Tap ‘Agree’ at the bottom right.

12. Tap ‘Done’

13. When you are all done, make sure to change your phone’s region back to what it was before.

If you need to recharge your Suica card, you do so from your Apple Wallet, not the Suica App. Once the card is added, do yourself a favor and open the actual Suica App, tap the card picture in the middle and take a screenshot of your Suica card number.

Japan: November 2018

We went to Japan this past November for two weeks. Our itinerary was: Tokyo, Takayama, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Takayama, Tokyo. I kept a daily travel journal while we were in Japan, and had planned on digitizing it here at some point. But….you know.

Here are a couple of images exported from Lightroom. I have about 2,000 images from our phones, but I really don’t feel like picking through those and uploading them here.

Vlog: NorCal

Not so much of a vlog as it is a collection of videos from my phone, mashed together, and then uploaded from an app (which did a shitty encoding job). Shortly after Christmas, my husband and I went on a short vacation up the coast of California to visit family. Fun trip, would love to drive up Highway 1 but maybe during a less busy time period.

Cinderella Castle (Musings on Disney World)

I finally got around to pulling the pictures off of my camera and into Lightroom. I should in theory post at least some of them on Facebook or Flickr or something as requested instead of forgetting and then hoarding them on my harddrive per usual. It is way more convenient and way less cumbersome to just snap photos on my phone and then post them while waiting in line, but it is also far less satisfying than using an actual camera.

One thing is certain: Whenever it is that we get around to visiting Disney World again in future, it will not be in the middle of August. When we had visited Orlando in May 4 years ago, it was warm but not overly so. Nevertheless, we had a great time. I highly recommend taking the Keys to the Kingdom Tour in the Magic Kingdom if anyone has a chance.