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Japan 2022

Totally meant to do a Japan Trip #3 picture dump literally a year ago, which is when these photos are from. Then again, I don’t think I ever did a proper photo dump of our second trip in 2019. Whoops.

We booked and planned this trip a month before we left. Japan had just opened up to tourism and the yen was like, 150 to the dollar. We wanted to take advantage of the low crowds and being generally antsy to go somewhere outside of the state.

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Luna the Cat B&W

I think this may be my new favorite Luna photo. I still haven’t posted our Japan 2022 photos anywhere. You would think that after around 7 months I would have finally cleared my Lightroom editing and posting backlog, but sadly that isn’t the case.

May 2021 Picture Dump

Here is what we more or less did in May. I don’t feel like captioning each image so this will have to do:

  • We have been hiking a lot: The days are long and the weather is perfect. It’s going to be hot AF pretty soon, so we might as well take advantage of ideal outdoors conditions. In general, over the past year or so I would say that whatever activity we would normally do that would involve crowds of people or socializing has been replaced by doing something outdoorsy.
  • I had received a new camera lens as an anniversary gift, so we went out for an evening walk to take some long exposure shots and grab some ice cream. On the short to-do list is: Find a place with minimal light pollution and take some nice star and Milky Way photos.
  • We have also returned to cautious restaurant dining since we are fully vaccinated. Suffice it to say, stuffing our collective faces with sushi was fairly high on the to-do list.
  • The cats continue to be cute.

New Camera = New Cat Pictures

In lieu of certain computer parts being virtually impossible to buy (and also in lieu of me not having any AAA PC exclusive title that I am interested in playing at the moment), I have decided to put the new PC build on hold. The ‘fun fund’ has instead, been allocated towards a new camera.

Roosting in the cat tree
It was cold so I made her a blanket nest
it’s the, “sun hour”
He can’t decide which room to nap in…
Guess which one fucked up the blinds?

My Battlestation

A visual history of my computer desk (I really like taking pictures of my desk during the Spring I guess). Neither clutter nor cable free but, whatever.

My workspace actually hasn’t changed that much in the last couple of years aside from adding a shelf and hanging a few pictures.

Japan: November 2018

We went to Japan this past November for two weeks. Our itinerary was: Tokyo, Takayama, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Takayama, Tokyo. I kept a daily travel journal while we were in Japan, and had planned on digitizing it here at some point. But….you know.

Here are a couple of images exported from Lightroom. I have about 2,000 images from our phones, but I really don’t feel like picking through those and uploading them here.