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Petting the Big Cat

When his ears are in neutral, you can pretty much do whatever you want within reason: Scratch his belly, brush him, clip all the nails. He just doesn’t give a fuck, especially if his eyes are in sleepy mode or closed. So in reality, a more accurate chart would be a Cartesian graph with “Ear degree” one one axis and “Eye degree” on the other (“neutral sleepy eyes” being on the origin, “angry slant eyes” being at the end of the negative axis, “wide open eyes” being on the end of the positive access.” I just don’t feel like drawing that now.

The Little Cat only really has one mode: “I’m the Little Cat.” The rule of thumb in our household regarding cat needs and cat emotions is that the Big Cat makes faces and the Little Cat makes noises. The Little cat really only has one face that she makes and that face is:

I promise that this whole thing makes sense if you have met them.

Sleeping Cats

I have decided that if I can’t think of anything else to draw, I am going to doodle comics about the cats on the iPad.

The big orange cat is huge. We have plenty of huge cat sized cat furniture and beds for him to sleep on but alas, he will almost always pick the smallest kitty bowl in the house, stuff his giant furry body into it, and tuck his head in so that he looks like a giant fur circle.

I am convinced that the black cat has some level of self-awareness in regards to her fur color as she seems to enjoy sleeping on like colored items. (Note to self: Check black surfaces before sitting down).

Draw a Thing 1/22/2018: Succulent Spread

I had inked out a few succulent designs and tested some of the marker colors in my Traveler’s Notebook before starting the actual project in my other notebook. Two goals: First off, to do more ink drawings without outlining in pencil first; Second, the color the background without it being super streaky (compare to the rooster picture posted a while back). The yellow marker unfortunately started to run out of steam on the second half of the spread. I should have given it a break between pages to “recharge.”

It doesn’t seem to matter how thick the paper is, alcohol based markers bleed through absolutely everything I guess (Leuchtturm = 180gsm). Tools used: Pens and markers.

Draw a Thing 6/3/2017: Cacti

My campaign to draw and/or paint a thing once a week kind of turned into draw and/or paint a thing once a year :X. I saw a YouTube video of someone watercoloring cacti and succulents so I thought that I would give it a try. Watercolor consistency ended up being too watery. Also, I think I need more than literally one brush.

Draw a Thing 10/18/16: Harvey the Cat + Color Chart

Sketched, inked, and then watercolored a picture of our cat Harvey. I messed up a bit while drawing his mouth unfortunately, so he has more of a cartoon cat expression than a normal cat expression :/. Color chart painted for reference for the sake of knowing what each color looks like on paper. I was also pleased to see that the watercolor pigment doesn’t bleed through to the next page. The water itself does though.

Draw a Thing 10/17/16: City Street

Bought some cheap watercolors off of Amazon and tried something new. I don’t think I have watercolored since oh, elementary school so crappy painting is crappy but was super fun to do! I figured that: If I made the drawing itself awesomely detailed enough, it would look half decent even if I did an ass job at painting it in. The problem was that interest in this one started petering out about the time Netflix happened. Also the cat, and the husband, and leftover cake, and getting work stuff ready for tomorrow, etc etc. :/

Also, painting with the weird plastic squeezy brush thing as it turns out, is harder than it looks. Maybe I’ll use a page or two of printer paper to practice brush strokes or something so they look less chunky and more smooth-like. Goal: Practice watercoloring and markering more, git gud, buy nicer markers and watercolor supplies, git guder, repeat.

Worth noting that sketchbook paper doesn’t make the best watercolor paper but good enough for my purposes. It actually doesn’t bleed through all that much unless I use a LOT of water; Certainty way less bleeding than the markers.

Draw a Thing 10/12/2016: Dwarf #Inktober

No things drawn last week or the week before (save for the Rooster drawing) by virtue of Dwarf Fortress obsession. Super quick pencil drawing then inking of a dwarf; Just a random dwarf, no dwarf in particular. That said, some rather interesting events have transpired in my current fortress. I may illustrate them if I feel so inclined.

Bonus picture of the fortress vomit crisis:

Draw a Thing 9/25/16: Rooster

I like roosters :3 Forgot to erase the pencil lines before coloring with markers. Drawing, inking, and coloring took about 20 to 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of marker bleed through even with the 180g paper. It’s not really that big of a deal so long as I keep a blotter on folded in the notebook. It does though render the back of the page mostly unusable, but whatever.