I used to be pretty okayish at drawing by virtue of doodling literally all the time. At some point I stopped and fell out of practice. New personal project: Draw something every day (or at least once a week or whenever as long as it is regular.) The idea is that the more I draw, the less shitty the drawings become. It’s also fun.

Source material for the crab was a random google image search of the word “crab.” Coloring is all Keiya original. Inspiration was admittedly this.

Also worth noting: A disproportionate number of early drawings either have guns, knives, or other related implements. In retrospect, I wonder if I should have explained to non-geek folk that they were more of a fantasy/sci-fi character concept art thing and not a, “I like stabbing things” art thing.

Tools used: Leuchtturm Sketchbook, Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencils (I think I used HB for sketching both), Prismacolor fine line markers, Prismacolor Premiere colored markers that have been laying in a box for x years.