Bought some cheap watercolors off of Amazon and tried something new. I don’t think I have¬†watercolored since oh, elementary school so crappy painting is crappy but was super fun to do! I figured that: If I made the drawing itself awesomely detailed enough, it would look half decent even if I did an ass job at painting it in. The problem was that interest in this one started petering out about the time Netflix happened. Also the cat, and the husband, and leftover cake, and getting work stuff ready for tomorrow, etc etc. :/

Also, painting with the weird plastic squeezy brush thing as it turns out, is harder than it looks. Maybe I’ll use a page or two of printer paper to practice brush strokes or something so they look less chunky and more smooth-like. Goal: Practice watercoloring and markering more, git gud, buy nicer markers and watercolor supplies, git guder, repeat.

Worth noting that sketchbook paper doesn’t make the best watercolor paper but good enough for my purposes. It actually doesn’t bleed through all that much unless I use a LOT of water; Certainty way less bleeding than the markers.