I made a post on my other blog 6+ years about my work EDC (Every Day Carry) and have been meaning to post an updated picture for while.

This isn’t my work bag though, this is my “I am leaving the house to do something on a weekend or after work” bag. Although unused for months because of Covid, I will take a picture of my work bag whenever I feel like sorting through and knolling out a mountain of cables and what not.

The Cat:

  • This is Mr. Harvey. I swear that this isn’t a fabricated cat picture; He came over and plopped himself down against the wall while I was laying everything out on the carpet. He is not an actual part of my leave-the-house EDC, but he is apart of my work from home EDC.

The Bag:

  • Aer Day Sling 2: I am partial to sling bags for day tripping because we walk a lot and I like bags that fit securely against my body without swinging around. I also like being able to access the contents of the bag without having to take it off. The downside of this bag is that it’s designed to only sit on one of your shoulders. Because of this however, the bag part sits parallel with the ground when I pull it around the front, making it generally easier to use in this position. I can also comfortablY ride my bike with it on my back.


  • Watch: Apple Watch 3 with a random leather watch band that was purchased off of Amazon for like, $15. I wear the sports band most of the time though because it is more comfortable.
  • Fossil Wallet: I like smaller men’s wallets because they fit in the front pocket of my chick jeans. If I go out for a short errand or to grab food at work, I don’t bring a bag, just wallet/keys/phone.
  • Keys: The Totoro charm was a souvenir from Japan trip number 1 and the leather key strap is from the Traveler’s Factory from Japan trip number 2.
  • Phone: iPhone 11 Pro with leather case.
  • Prescription Sunglasses: I don’t wear contacts anymore because they dry out my eyes and transition lenses are hot garbage.

Everything Else:

  • Coin Purse: Purchased this Traveler’s Factory as a souvenir to hold the mountain of loose change that we gather while traveling. It’s also useful for holding miscellaneous small items that I do not want to lose. I don’t use it much on a daily basis, I just haven’t taken it out of my bag. I think it still has around ¥100 worth of random coins in it.
  • Hand Sanitizer: Because Covid
  • Tissues: Allergies yo
  • Mask: Purchased from Mystery Ranch. It’s quite comfortable and does not fog my glasses.
  • Moist Towelette: Emergency hygiene wipe because at some point someone will need one.
  • Hand Lotion: Costco sells an 8 pack of purse sized Crab Tree & Evelyn hand cream. It’s lightly scented and not greasy.
  • Pen: Other people’s pens are gross. Also, there never seems to be a pen when you really need a pen.
  • Bag of adhesive backed googly eyes: Reasons.
  • Lip Balm: Dry lips sink ships.
  • Emergency Tampon: Better to have and not need than to need and not have.