My Traveler’s Notebook Passport Setup

I guess some folks find it odd for someone so digitally oriented as myself to use an analog planner system instead of well, my phone. I have used both methods for general planning as well as note taking, and physically writing stuff down just works the best for me and well, ❤️ analogue/journaling things.

I have three notebook inserts, two folders, and the plastic sleeve insert in my TN. These are the three notebooks that I use: the Weekly Diary, Blank Notebook, and the Monthly Diary. I find that having three inserts is the most that I can include in my current setup without making the notebook too chunky. 

The plastic sleeve has a clear zipper pouch in the front and card slots in the back. I keep memory cards, checks to deposit, and stuff like that in the zipper pouch (as well as a whisker from each cat). The card slots in the back have cards that I don’t need to carry around in my wallet (club cards, stamp cards)

I have two folders: The first folder is the TN Kraft folder, which is inserted around the monthly planner notebook. I just keep blotter paper, post-it notes, shitajiki (writing bird), and stuff like that. The second notebook is a thin leather folder that I purchased at the Tokyo Station Travelers Factory store when we we visiting Japan. This folder is loosely inserted in the back.

Front of the notebook.
Back of the notebook. I use this clip to hold the notebook open when I am not at home.
Plastic zipper insert
I keep a couple of post it notes in the front for easy access. These are mostly used for to-do lists and reminders in the weekly planner.
First notebook: Weekly Diary
Kraft folder with a Final Fantasy VIII sticker that I found in my stash. I have this inserted around notebook #2.
Second notebook: Blank notebook, mostly used for S&D session notes lol
D&D notes
More D&D notes…
Third notebook: Monthly planner
Here is the back of the plastic insert. I have a fairly small wallet (a men’s front pants pocket wallet is the only thing that will fit in chick jeans), so any cards that aren’t used regularly are either digitized or go in the back pocket. Top fried petal fell off of a tree while we were eating at a local restaurant. Bottom leaf fell from a Japanese Maple in Kyoto.
Leather folder is loosely placed in the back. Has a couple of washi card samples and paper scraps.

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  1. Cool set-up! I just got one for the 2024 year. Thanks for the inspiring ideas. Appreciate it.

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